LSAT Test Prep Software

Would you take a driving test having never driven a car?

Of course you would not, and that is why you should study for your LSAT test with a test prep program that contains actual LSAT Tests, given to real students to get into real schools by the Law School Admissions Board.

LSAT Test Prep Software

Now you no longer need to worry whether the problems you are studying are like those on the LSAT. That's right! Our LSAT Test Prep software contains official LSAT tests.

This package contains detailed solutions to 3 actual LSAT's, with all correct and incorrect answers and choices explained in detail.

The LSAT is a logic test. Although this makes the test hard, it also makes it predictable--it is based on fundamental principles of logic. LSAT Test Prep Software analyzes and codifies the basic principles (the contrapositive, the if-then, etc.). Armed with this knowledge, you will have the ability to greatly increase your score.


  • Mentor Mode: In this interactive "tutor mode", you are immediately told whether you answered a problem correctly, and you can view a solution of the problem.

  • Test Mode: In Test Mode, you can take a test timed and scored by the program.

  • Lessons: Numerous lessons and exercises provide comprehensive review of the principals of logic needed for the LSAT.

Our LSAT Test Prep software explains all correct and incorrect answers, and renders valuable insights and test strategies.

Plus, you get the official score conversion charts and writing samples for each test, as well as the average LSAT scores of 153 of the 176 ABA approved law schools!

This interactive mode of tutoring will accelerate your learning and boost your testing ability. Plus, since you're buying the best, you'll have the peace of mind and self-confidence to do the best you can do on test day.

lsat prep course software

So now that you are ready to make a difference and get into the Law School of your dreams, have your credit card ready and click on your computer platform:

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